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    I am passionate about cloud infrastructure and automation. I am looking for a position that lets me expand on those capabilities, either by becoming proficient with the major cloud providers, and / or automating usage of those providers. I want to expand my capabilities with container orchestration, devsecops, and CI / CD platforms. I have experience in frontend and backend web development using Java, Python, Perl, and others, as well as mobile development for iOS and Android using Objective-C and Java respectively. That's not the type of development I like to do but it did give me a lot of experience with a lot of different languages.

    To give you an idea of how I like to try new things, we held two hack days, for one I ran a team that implemented microservices using Hashicorps' Nomad, for the second I worked on a team that implemented an example of the IPFS, the "Interplanetary File System".

    I feel a diverse and inclusive work force is necessary to do the best work. I also want to be able to practice and hone my mentoring and presentation skills.

    Unfortunately for my bank account I have a lot of hobbies. I race crap can cars in the 24 hours of Lemons and sim race in iRacing. I love riding my bikes (both road AND mountain) and hiking and climbing mountains around Colorado. I have quite the Lego Star Wars and Lego race car collection and I love trying new beer and whisk(e)y.


    I gave many talks while at Kenzan, mostly internal to fellow employees. I gave a talk on how Kubernetes CNI works to my fellow employees. I presented this talk on running vault on Kubernetes at one of the meetups we used to host in our Denver office.

    Blog Posts

    One of Kenzan's requirements for attending conferences was to do our best to spread the knowledge so we typically wrote a blog post about some aspect of the conferences. A co-worker and I attended Kubecon NA 2019 and we wrote about trends or topics we thought Kenzan needed to stay on top of and produced "The most interesting things we learned at KubeCon"

    Another example is from MS Ignite the same year: Azure News from MS Ignite. We could not physically attend but a co-worker and I watched some of the Azure specific presentations and wrote about what we thought would be interesting to others in the company. At the time we were preparing for a major upcoming Azure client.

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